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    Wipe Dates January 04, 2024 February 01, 2024 March 07, 2024 April 04, 2024 May 02, 2024 <----- Next WIPE June 06, 2024 July 04, 2024 August 01, 2024 September 05, 2024 October 03, 2024 November 07, 2024 December 05, 2024
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    Rules Be respectful with other players and have fun! 😊
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    Mods VPP Map: Simple map that shows you your position and gives you the ability to place markers. How to use: Open the map with "M" key (by default) and to set a marker just double-click where you want to place it. Link:
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    F.A.Q How to join the server? Open DayZ launcher, go to "Servers" and then to "Community". Once there, search the server by IP (, click "Join" and then "Set up downloadable content and mods and join". In case it doesn't appear in the list, go to the Steam app > View >...
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    Rules NO Disrespect Any disrespect that has aggressive/harmful intent will result in a permanent BAN immediately. Voice Chat Voice chat should be used in the same way as text chat, to communicate with other players in a respectful manner. Bugs, Exploits or Hacks Use of Bugs, Exploits or...
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    Vanilla++ What Vanilla++ mean? The Vanilla++ server has some modifications that add features that improves the player experience by making it easier and better. What are these modifications? The maximum stack amount of most items has been increased. EX: Instead of carrying 1k wood per slot...
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    F.A.Q How to join the server? To join the server you have 2 ways: From Rust: In the main menu of Rust activate the developer console by pressing F1, then put this command in the console without the quotes "client.connect" and hit enter. From Steam: In the Steam application...
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    Clan Requests

    Clan Requests You can request a place for your clan in the TeamSpeak server by creating a post with the "Clan Request" prefix. To be able to be eligible you need to meet some requirements. Requirements Minimum of 5 people. Clan logo must be JPEG, PNG or ICO format, 8 KB maximum. (Uploading a...
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    TeamSpeak Rules

    TeamSpeak Rules Spamming other communities on the server is strictly prohibited. It is totally forbidden to disrespect any user. It is totally forbidden to insert bots without authorization from the TS3 Administration. The use of VPN and modified IPs is strictly prohibited. The use of...